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About us

Tangent Works was founded in 2014 by a team of data
scientists and mathematicians who believed in the power of
predictive modeling for optimizing operations and reducing
costs, but found that the existing methods were far too
complex for broad adoption.

Company Background

Building and refining accurate predictive models was a laborious, iterative task that required a combination of domain and data science expertise and weeks/months of effort. There just aren’t enough data scientists in the world to meet the demands of a broad range of industries for which accurate and timely forecasts are essential to their competitiveness.

The founders’ original concept was simple- what if we could build the model automatically by analyzing historical time-series data, including all the possible influencers, and figure out which data is relevant to the predicted output, in what combinations, over which time intervals. From that vision and a breakthrough architecture based on a field of mathematics known as “information geometry”, the Tangent Information Modeler, TIM, was born.

TIM has since been recognized as a winner in multiple competitions, including the Global Energy Forecasting Competition, GEFCom 2017, and the 2017 ANDRITZ Hackathon, which was focused on optimization and predictive maintenance for IoT applications.

Our Mission

TIM’s mission is to de-mystify predictive modeling and
anomaly detection and make them accessible and productive
for a broad range of users and use cases.

TIM’s initial focus has been on the energy and utilities industry where the
software has been used extensively to forecast energy supply and demand
and help companies reduce imbalance costs. More recently TIM has been
applied to manufacturing for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.
Moving forward, TIM will be extended to many other industries, including
traffic management, logistics, agriculture, retail, finance and others since its
underlying technology can benefit any application with time series data.



Henk de Metsenaere

Henk is the CEO and co-founder of Tangent Works. He is responsible for Strategy, Sales, Marketing and channel development of Tangent Works solutions. Henk held previous roles at Siemens Automation, Sun Microsystems and SAP. He was the founder of Inxites and a board member at Limecraft.

Ján Dolinsky, Dr. Eng

As Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Jan is chartered with Tangent Works global product strategy and development. He is responsible for the product vision and user experience, as well as the development of all Tangent Works products. Ján previously held positions at Oracle, and Kyushu University in Japan.


Luc Osselaer

Luc is a partner at Saffelberg Investments and owner of SCIO Productions, a film and TV production company. He is an entrepreneur and founder of successful communication companies such as Ellips Communication (now Omnicom Porter Novelli), Across Communication and MachMedia. Luc was also vice president of Arinso International, an SAP HR solution, now know as NGA HR.

Koen Schroors

Koen is Professor of Economics at the department of economics and business administration at the University of Ghent, Belgium. Koen, a frequent commentor on Belgian media, specializes in economic systems, financial institutions and markets, agricultural economic and development economics. He also focuses on applicability of data science on economics.

Ilse de Reze

Ilse studied law at the University of Leuven and practices law at the bar of Antwerp since 1989. She manages her own law firm and specializes in commercial and corporate law. She is owner of the Molenwater Groep NV which she co-founded in 2009. An independent investment company for long term investments, with focus on real estate, smart intelligence and green energy. She is also founder and chairman of the Olivia Hendrickx Research Fund since 2000. The fund supports medical scientific research into cancer in Belgium, particularly child oncology, aimed at the development of new cancer therapies.

Wouter Volckaert

Wouter is a partner at Force Over Mass Capital (Fomcap) is a venture capital firm focused on B2B technology innovation. We focus on Seed, Series A and Series B opportunities in the UK and Europe.

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