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At Once wins our InstantML demo competition!

The future of BI is predictive and to demonstrate this we recently launched an InstantML demo competition challenging our partner network to build powerful, automated predictive applications using the TIM InstantML toolbox.

The objective was to show that adding predictions to your BI doesn’t have to be complex and that becoming more data-driven can deliver immediate value to day-to-day business operations.

We received several strong demos, but the greenhouse plant nutrition forecasting use case developed by our partner At Once on top of a Qlik dashboard clearly stood out.

The interesting use case can deliver clear business value to greenhouse farmers all over the world and At Once managed to translate the use case into a short but comprehensive demo.

The complete top 3 of demos received:

  1. At Once (Belgium): Greenhouse plant nutrition forecasting with TIM in Qlik
  2. Polygon Research (USA)Loan volume forecasting with the TIM Python Client and visualization in Qlik
  3. Continuum (UK): Electricity load forecasting with TIM in Alteryx

Watch the winning demo:


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