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Bimbo Bakeries USA and Predictive Analytics

Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU Inc) the largest independent arm of the Mexican multinational bakery company Grupo Bimbo with operations in 21 countries.

The largest bakery company in US, they have 60 bakeries with over 11,000 sales routes, carrying a large number of major bakery brands sold in supermarkets and grocery stores totaling approximately $15B in annual revenue. BBU does not have data science capabilities in-house, so rely heavily on Bardess consultants for data science projects, as well as for BI consulting.

Our USA Partner, Bardess, has assisted BBU to discover and develop their TIM TW use case working closely with other BI projects and gaining insights into the business. The need for more accurate Sales forecasting by store, product-type, and week was targeted. BBU’s initial POC aim was to prove the ability to make accurate forecasts, while minimizing time commitment from BBU’s tech resources. Longer-term aim is to integrate the forecasts into a “trade planning” application, where forecasts would be run with configurable parameters such as the dates of promotions, to help planners choose the optimal plan. TW’s fast, automated forecast capabilities would be central to this application, which will likely also be integrated into Qlik for end-user visualization and interactivity.

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