Customer Succes Manager

Job Content As a customer Succes manager you are responsible for positioning the TIM solution to new customer and on closure also on board the customer with the product this requires good commercial and technical skills to the understand the TIM Offering   Responsibilities
  • Customer Onboarding:- during the pre-sales and post sales phase of the project. This requires understanding of the customer requirements and the Tangentworks offering.
  • Account Escalations:- Support or response to any alerts, red flags, poor health.
  • Renewals: Customer renewals are what keep the recurring revenue recurring.
  • Upsell Campaigns: Upsell, expansion and upgrades
  • Periodic health checks: Success managers cannot leave even the healthiest, happiest or oldest customers to chance.
  • Customer Advocacy: Given that customer success managers are the customer relationship owners, it makes sense for CSMs to convert that relationship and value into real advocacy.
Education, Skills Experience
  • Customer facing Experience, energized by engaging with customers
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Good understanding of the Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Space
  • Great communicator that wants to get the job done.
  • Highly organised and self-driving with eye for detail and quality
  • Bachelor / Master Degree
  Work Location Positions in Mainland Europe, UK, US    

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