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The TIM Starter Packs let you jump-start your AI/ML journey. You will augment value from your time series data using your favorite platform or application with direct access to TIM, Tangent Works Instant Machine Learning technology. Our starter packs are available for Excel, Qlik and Alteryx.

TIM Starter Packs


Tangent Works initiative to launch “Starter Packs” stems from hours of marketing research and feedback from loyal and satisfied customers. “Starter Packs” now offers citizen data scientists and businesses to use their favourite platform/application and have direct access to Tangent Works Machine Learning technology, TIM. 

  • TIM generates lightning-fast, accurate, scalable, automated, and AI interpretable models, that deliver instant value for business operations at the fraction of the cost of a full license. 
  • TIM, Tangent Information Modeller, is an award-winning AI/ML SaaS cloud solution, specific for predictive & prescriptive forecasting and anomaly detection.  
  • Through TIM’s InstantML and RTInstantML technology, TIM generates lightning-fast, accurate, scalable, automated, and AI interpretable models, that deliver instant value for business operations.   

Dealing with time-series data machine learning is hard but has enormous potential to deliver deeper insights and faster decisions. TIM gives businesses value rather than keeping their talent stuck on complicated machine learning solutions. 

Tangent Works’ goal is to make machine learning easy to apply and available to users without the complexity of traditional auto ML model selection, time-consuming data science, and tedious manual feature engineering.


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