Dynamic Demand Forecasting in Alteryx with InstantML

Dynamic Demand Forecasting in Alteryx with InstantML

We partnered with Alteryx and Demand Data to create a Dynamic Demand Forecasting Starter Kit, enabling Alteryx users to shorten the time to run and compare scenarios and include different future market projections as predictor candidates.

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Tackling Demand Forecasting Challenges

Structural changes such as Covid-19, complexity of the supply chain, new products and promotions make forecasting a difficult task.

The top notch Alteryx APA platform and the Tangent Works InstantML augmented, hyper automated machine learning solution combined with the Demand Data business knowledge deliver a solution for Dynamic Demand Forecasting that changes the paradigm of forecasting completely.


This is a new and easy way to deal with demand forecasting for companies dealing with a supply chain in retail, CPG or manufacturing.

No complexity of traditional auto ML model selection. No time-consuming data science. No manual feature engineering.

A flexible solution: Alteryx DDF, Dynamic Demand Forecasting solution

Alteryx, Tangent Works and Demand Data deliver an End-To-End solution for Dynamic Demand Forecasting.

With Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) you can achieve Supply Chain Automation across eco-systems through real time cross data sharing and automated analytics without forcing your organization to adhere to specific standards and technologies.​

Tangent Works InstantML seamlessly integrates in the Alteryx environment and provides hyper automated, augmented machine learning for time series data that is extremely fast easy to use accurate and delivers explainable models. The speed, automation, ease of use and accuracy make it ideally suitable for Dynamic Demand Forecasting.

Demand Data is a super specialized consultancy for the supply chain markets it provides consultancy, out-of-the-box reports and data streams to make the prediction process easy.

The dynamic demand forecasting solution his supported by a worldwide ecosystem of Alteryx and tangent works partners.

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TIM and Alteryx Designer and Gallery

TIM Forecasting and TIM Anomaly Detection tools are available for Alteryx Designer. The TIM integration is compliant to the Alteryx rules for integration.

TIM can be accessed from the Alteryx Gallery. This allow users streamlines the process by delivering a repeatable workflow for self-service data analytics, leading to deeper insights in hours, not weeks using designer.

Alteryx Designer empowers data analysts by combining data preparation, data blending, and analytics but now also advanced time series machine learning capabilities.

Offers and plans

Clear overview of the different offers and plans

Setup & deployment Production & services

A. Setup & deployment

This package is designed to leverage our proven templates and expert advice on how to optimize your implementation of the TIM engine and achieve maximum return on your investment. 


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B. Production & Services

Plan 1 – TIM InstantML SAAS for Alteryx

Basic package allowing you to do 10.000 forecasts per month.

Plan 2 – TIM with Data and Macros

This package contains analytics-ready live data streams to leverage external factors as features in your TIM model deployment. 

Plan 3 – TIM with Managed Service

This package is designed to provide expert resources, training and support to help manage your project to ensure continuous improvement and model adoption. 

Plan 4 – TIM with Data, Macros and Managed Service

This package combines plan 1, 2 and 3.



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