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Dynamic Demand Forecasting

We partnered with Alteryx and Demand Data to create a Dynamic Demand Forecasting Starter Kit, enabling Alteryx users to shorten the time to run and compare scenarios and include different future market projections as predictor candidates.


Dynamics Demand Forecasting in Alteryx with InstantML


Dynamic Demand Forecasting with TIM Tangent Works Instant ML and Alteryx Analytic Process Automation

The current market conditions have created an immediate market opportunity specifically within the supply chain function to deliver low-code, automated, integrated solutions that cannot be delivered by existing supply chain software players. ​With Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) you can achieve Supply Chain Automation across eco-systems through real time cross data sharing and automated analytics without forcing your organization to adhere to specific standards and technologies.​

Create a set of validated solution frameworks that leverage APA and preferred technology partners to deliver enterprise scale value to customers at a strategic level.

TIM from Tangent works, providing Real Time Instant Machine Learning, can be used to complement what-if and simulation scenarios for budget exercises, adapt maintenance for product support strategies, run forecasting and anomaly detection on digital twins in product design, do risk assessments in your business transformation process, etc. With TIM users can shorten the time to run and compare scenarios, include different future market projections as predictor candidates and easily interface with simulation tools.


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Webinar – on demand

Supply chains are changing faster than ever, and in more unseen ways. Not even the largest organizations have the bandwidth to predict these changes manually. But fortunately, now you don’t have to. This live webinar introduces an instant, low-code way to predict those once-unforeseen changes. Even better, you can do it all across multiple ecosystems — and without adopting restrictive standards and technologies.

Watch the on demand webinar in which Demand Data, Tangent Works, and Alteryx show how you can:

  • Tap the combined power of automated analytics and real-time cross-data sharing, to create validated solution frameworks
  • Complement those frameworks with specific simulations for budget, maintenance, and product support
  • Include a wide range of market projections as predictor candidates, and more

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