Invitation | Trends 2020 - Make digital transformation work! | Tangent Works - Advanced Forecasting

Invitation | Trends 2020 – Make digital transformation work!

Trends 2020 – Make digital transformation work!

How to generate business value with Machine Learning for forecasting or anomaly detection?


The new decade brings new challenges for digital transformation. Machine learning is a hype but. How do you make sure it generates business value when using these new ideas?

How do you get insights by using new accurate and operational tools for forecasting and detection of anomalies. These insights deliver direct value for the business no matter the industry you are active. Forecasting and anomaly detection proof valuable in Industrial IoT, energy, retail, transport finance ….

Infotopics.AI and Tangent Works invite you for this inspiring afternoon.


Three reasons to invest in this afternoon:

1. Be inspired by Jim Stolze and his vision for the future. Digitalisation and the impact on business models, organisations and the community as a whole are in the center of his thoughts.

2. Experience how to use  Artificiële Intelligence / Machine Learning to create business value.

3. See how it works with interactive demo’s and expert conversations.


Where:   Slot Zeist, Zinzendorflaan 1, 3703 CE Zeist Netherlands easy acces from Belgium as well. 

When: February 6th from 14.30 till 18.00.


Succesfull Business Forecasting

Experience how Artificial Intelligence creates business value. Based on a implemented use case Robert shows the value that you can unlock in your organization.

Robert Winkel – Infotopics.AI

Machine Learning and Time series data.

Time series data is everywhere, predictions of product demand or consumption, logistical challenges and many other business scenrio’ s are based on time series data.

When it comes to modeling time series data, it turns out to be a different animal that requires a dedicated approach.

In this session we explain why time series data are so special and which strategies to use to create maximum value.

Henk De Metsenaere – Tangent Works

Egssis – SaaS for digitalization of the energy eco system.

EGSSIS is a European gas and power service provider specialized in shipper services for gas and power operations. De solutions of EGSSIS support and accelerate the digitalization of the processes. The SaaS based approach results in a short time to value.

EGSSIS is 100% into the usage od new technologie to generate predictive models for forecasting fast, automatic and accurate. Better decisions and a higher level of efficiency that explores the full saving potential is a direct result.

Tom Dufraing – Egssis

Artificial Intelligence: hype or reality?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer something in the distant future. It makes our phones smarter, allows for ( almost ) self driving cars and helps docters with better diagnosis. Today. At the same time people are worried about the future of their jobs. They are scared that computers might take over or become to powerful. Where are we heading? What remains for humans?
In ‘Artificial Intelligence, hype or reality’ Jim explains why this topic gained so much momentum at this very moment. Based on striking examples we show what is already possible and how organizations can benefit from it today.

Jim inspires us with his vision for the future.

Jim Stolze is a writer and tech entrepreneur known for his work as innovation expert for RTLZ and the Singularity University.

His company, Aigency delivers self learning systems to companies like Heineken, Talpa and the ministry of VWS.

His book, “Algoritmisering, wen er maar aan” was one of the  2019 best selling books on
He is the founder of the  “Nationale AI-Cursus”, een free online program for everybody who wants to know more about data, algorithmes and artificialm intelligence. A big succes! More than 20.000 adults took the course and in 2019 queen Maxima launched a version of the course for children

Jim Stolze


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