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Solution Architect

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Job Content

As a solution architect at Tangent Works you will work on architecture of the front-end and back-end components of a distributed machine learning system TIM (Tangent Information Modeller).

TIM is an automatic model building engine for forecasting and anomaly detection on time-series data. This product introduces InstantML – a new perspective on machine learning that brings ML closer to the end user and is a next step after AutoML. From technical perspective, TIM is a set of micro-services written in Python and Julia with REST APIs deployable on premise, in the cloud and on the edge. Front-end components are implemented using ReactJS. Some of the components are exposed via plug-ins to widely recognized BI platforms like Qlik, Alteryx, PowerBI, … and cloud platforms like Azure and Amazon.

This is a dream job for people passioned about architecture and cloud computing that drives machine learning to the next level.

Role Description

  • Design, analyse and propose architecture of TIM back-end and front-end components
  • Lead and manage design discussions surrounding the micro-services related to
    • API designs (REST, GraphQL)
    • Complex time-series data querying and pre-processing
    • Asynchronous communication with other systems / 3rd party APIs
    • Integration with 3rd party solutions
    • Cloud, edge, on-premise deployment and monitoring
  • Aim to exceed user expectations, ensuring that usability and performance are given equal considerations during design and development.
  • Improve the computational performance of the system
  • Ensure zero downtime deployments
  • Maintain and improve CI/CD processes
  • Review proposed APIs and provide feedback
  • Communication with technology partners
  • Follow latest developments in cloud computing eco-system


  • Several years of solid architectural role experience
  • Design patterns in architecture (DDD etc.)
  • Cloud computing (Azure, Amazon, …)
  • Kubernetes
  • Queue managers
  • Docker Containers and orchestration, Container instances
  • DevOps, CI/CD
  • Release management

Additional Desirable Experience

  • Python and/or Julia experience is a plus
  • Front-end development/deployment experience is a plus
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Highly organised and self-driving with eye for detail and quality
  • Great communicator in English that wants to get the job done.
  • Bachelor / Master Degree

What we offer

  • Not only a great package but also working in an international team (Slovakia, Belgium, UK, USA and growing)

Work Location

  • Position in the Bratislava (Slovakia) team
  • Remote working possible


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