At Tangent Works our partner network is an essential part of
the value we offer our customers. The partners help us
expand the breadth of our solutions, help customers
integrate our technology with their existing systems and
extend our reach to a worldwide customer base.

Partner Types


Resell TIM in addition to their own professional services and solutions, often with a vertical market focus. Help customers integrate TIM with existing systems.



Provide software and/or services that is complementary to TIM.


OEM (TIM Inside)

OEM Partners embed our powerful automated model generation capability into their own applications to leverage the power of predictive analytics for their customers.


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Reseller/Implementation Partners

Enstra Consulting

Enstra is a decision support and business development consultancy focused on the energy and utilities industry in UK and Europe.


iAdvise is an Oracle systems integrator focused on BENELUX region.


GMCS is a leader in business applications implementation, software development and application management focused on Russia and European markets.

Oroprise Solutions

Oroprise Solutions is an Indo-American venture that provides best-in-class software solutions to cities, municipalities, districts and provincial states in India. They have proven experitise in energy & utilities, smart cities and municipal applications.

Technology Partners is the company behind CrateDB, which is an open source SQL database that helps mainstream SQL developers process structured and unstructured data generated by millions of “things” like sensors, wearables, vehicles, networks and servers. CrateDB performs distributed SQL queries at real-time speed, and makes it easy and economical to handle the velocity, volume, and diversity of IoT machine and log data.

Julia Computing

Julia delivers dramatic improvements in simplicity, speed, scalability, capacity, and productivity to solve massive computational quickly and accurately, making it the preferred language for big data and analytics.


Tangent Works has had a longstanding partnership with Microsoft. We are a proud scaleup graduate of the Microsoft Accelerator program, certified for Microsoft Azure and integrated with Microsoft Flow and Power BI. You can find TIM here on the Azure Marketplace.


IPEsoft was were amongst the first ones to work on emerging liberalization of the energy market. The technological know-how and expert competence in the field of energy enabled us to understand and support changes on this market and has become a leaders in supplying specialized ICT solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

OEM (TIM Inside) Partners


HAKOM is an Austrian company that has developed an energy data management (EDM) framework that enables energy companies in Austria, Germany and emerging markets to develop applications for energy trade, grid, production and sale. Their Time Management System (TMS) is used by enterprises to manage time-series data, which can be analyzed by TIM to produce predictive models for energy and utility companies.


MECOMS is a software company that develops solutions for energy and utilities companies. They offer a modular platform with out-of-the-box support for innovations such as smart metering, big data analytics and digital customer interaction, to name a few.

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