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Tangent Works joins forces with Pomerol Partners

Press Release by Pomerol Partners about our new Partnership:


Pomerol Partners and Tangent Works are joining forces to deliver instant value for business operations through the hyperautomated, lightning fast, accurate and explainable predictive analytics provided by the game changing InstantML technology.


Pomerol Partners joins forces with Tangent Works


At Pomerol Partners, we believe automated and scalable forecasting and anomaly detection play a vital role in optimizing operations and reducing costs. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tangent Works and their TIM solution, a multi-award winner in the field of predictive models that is making forecasting accessible and productive for a broad range of users and use cases.


As a predictive modeling game changer for forecasting and anomaly detection, InstantML supports business users with its focus on value creation and ease of use. With TIM, predictive analytics initiatives go beyond experimenting, to production in a fast, accurate, automate, flexible and explainable way.


“We are very excited to bring TIM and its game changing model generation technology to our customers. With TIM, you can generate accurate and reliable forecasts from time series data in seconds rather than hours or days, delivering instant value for business operations. Compared to traditional compute intensive approaches, TIM delivers rapid results, costs less to deploy and is more flexible and scalable.”

John Fitzgerald, Partner @ Pomerol Partners


InstantML creates a paradigm shift beyond AutoML, since all steps – including feature engineering, model building and tuning, back testing and model selection – are reduced to one single step. TIM’s unique level of automation and speed allows us to remove the complexity of data science and provide easy-to-use and explainable AI for scalable, dynamic and real-time applications.


“Time series forecasting and anomaly detection are hard problems to solve. TIM makes it quick and easy for business users to benefit from predictive analytics. Together with Pomerol Partners, we are bringing end-to-end predictive analytics solutions and consultancy to the world.”

Henk De Metsenaere, CEO @ Tangent Works



About Pomerol Partners:

Pomerol Partners builds industry leading business-focused data solutions: “We are not general technologists; we specialize in data and data-driven projects. We provide business value to our clients through simplifying data and making data actionable.”

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