Tangent Works and HAKOM deliver on an end to end cloud based time series management and forecasting solution. | Tangent Works - Advanced Forecasting

Tangent Works and HAKOM deliver on an end to end cloud based time series management and forecasting solution.

Brussels, Vienna, 25 June 2018 Tangent Works, (www.tangent.works) a European predictive analytics technology provider, and HAKOM (www.hakom.at), an established provider in Time Series Management software, collaborate to bring AI and Machine Learning capabilities to the energy market while exploring new opportunities in the industrial IoT space.

Tangent Works, a Brussels and Bratislava based machine learning company has developed a unique technology to automate the model building process for time series related predictive analytics scenarios. The traditional approach to model building is highly expertise intensive and time consuming. TIM (Tangent Information Modeler) automates the entire model building process resulting in a “no human intervention” modelling. It allows the model building time to be reduced from days and weeks of costly engineering to seconds of computing time at a fraction of the cost.

TIM opens the door to large scale forecasting systems allowing the usage of predictive modeling in business scenarios not possible to date. TIM allows for load, price, wind and solar asset forecasting in high volumes, fast, accurate and cost efficient.

HAKOM, based in Vienna, has developed an outstanding time series technology for the energy sector. Combining outstanding performance, when managing data with excellent processing, sets the market standard in terms of performance even when handling complex calculation processes. HAKOM has a strong portfolio of clients while maintaining its competitive edge in the transformation of its product to a cloud based solution.

HAKOM Time Management System, TSM, is now based on the Big Energy Data Suite – the future-proof base technology for time series management. It is used by enterprises in various lines of business for efficiently administering chronologically captured data.


Stefan Komornyik, CEO of HAKOM: “Tangent Works is an inspiring story, it touches the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to real industrial challenges. The combination of their technology with our Time Series Manager is the first solution that allows for time series management, large scale automatic model building and users or machine interfacing in the cloud.


Henk De Metsenaere, CEO of Tangent Works says: HAKOM is an established player who recognizes the increased market need for good forecasts. Forecasting needs to be adaptable and scalable. The combination of TIM with their Time Series Management technology offers exactly that. We are sure that many new opportunities, facing today’s challenges in the energy markets and beyond, will benefit from the unique combined solution.


About Tangent Works:

Tangent Works is a European machine learning company providing the next generation of prediction solutions for businesses by automating the predictive model building process. With its breakthrough solution, TIM, companies can now generate accurate predictive models for time series analysis in seconds, fully automatic, as a transparent formula providing useful insights about the dynamics hidden in the data. TIM eliminates the data science skills burden, and is extremely efficient on computing time which allows machine learning solutions to be executed directly on a device. The company has offices in Belgium and Slovakia.

For more information and contact details, visit Tangent Works at www.tangent.works



HAKOM has focused exclusively on energy data management since 1991.

The company consists of a team of energy market experts and is supported by an excellent network of longtime partners.

The partners – all leading companies in their respective area – use our time series technology as a basis for their own products. Together with partners HAKOM creates benefit through higher precision, higher speed and maximum flexibility in processing data.

Today more than one hundred companies in the European energy sector trust the HAKOM time series technology.

With the latest release of our Big Energy Data Suite we moved the whole Time Series Challenge to the cloud allowing for “Unlimited Time Series Management”

For more information and contact details, visit HAKOM at www.hakom.at

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