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Tangent Works and iGenius partner to bring Predictive Analytics to the next level

The future of Business Intelligence (BI) is actionable and automated insights at the fingertips of decision-makers. More and more organizations know this, and so are investing in digital transformation with the aim of becoming more data driven. But the complexity of many systems, combined with an endemic lack of data literacy, are slowing down the adoption of data analytics and intelligence solutions. For a digital transformation to thrive, many more people in organizations should be able to gain predictive insights from the huge amount of data being generated with ease.

That’s why iGenius and Tangent Works, two AI scale-ups named Gartner Cool Vendors in 2021, are partnering to bring Predictive Analytics to the next level.



Alessandro Davolio, Sales Director at iGenius, stated:


“We are thrilled to partner with Tangent Works and we believe that the intrinsic compatibility of our solutions will  stimulate the democratization of predictive analytics, enabling business users to leverage the power of data science autonomously and with a simple, yet effective, conversational user experience”


According to Gartner, by 2025 the majority of organizations will have failed to foster the necessary data literacy within the workforce to achieve their strategic data-driven business goals.


By joining forces, Tangent Works and iGenius are now empowering business users not only to ask their AI “how much did we sell last month?”, but moreover “what are the predicted revenues for next month and for each store?”, or “what will be the impact of a promotion on next month’s revenues from a certain product in a particular store?”, just as one would ask a colleague.. And this is just one of the example use cases;  the machine learning provided by Tangent Works, as well as the conversational capabilities iGenius applies to analytics, are agnostic and work for a wide variety of use cases.


“The world is changing, and data has become a precious commodity – however, turning those huge amounts of data into a business asset requires hyperautomation. That’s exactly what we have done with our InstantML technology for time series predictive analytics. We decided to focus on time series data as it is the most common and business-relevant data, and we have reinvented forecasting to make it much easier, faster and more accurate. iGenius is making data exploration and analysis more accessible, and we do the same for predictive analytics – thus we make a perfect match! ”

Sam Verdonck, Global Partnerships Director at Tangent Works



Don’t search and estimate. Ask and act!



About iGenius


iGenius is the scale-up on a mission to reinvent how businesses make data-driven decisions. Thanks to Crystal, our flagship AI platform, we’re accelerating progress in analytics and data science by taking on the chore of creating one single source of truth for business data, while simultaneously making democratized access a business standard. We run as an international virtual team located in countries around the globe.

Crystal is the virtual advisor for data intelligence: one product that connects multiple data sources and lets users ask questions in true, natural language through a humanized user experience, as if talking to a colleague. Crystal reduces the time users spend on exploring data, giving them more time to act on the most relevant insights, and enhances decision-making at every level of organizations.

“iGenius provides a composite AI capability focused on relevance to help transform the user experience. This emerging “need-to-know” category could transform the way we leverage AI for delivering the right insights (and only the right insights) when and where they are needed, learn from interactions and maximize the relevance of those insights through context” (Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies, Gartner 2021).


About Tangent Works


Tangent Works was founded in 2014 by a team of data scientists and mathematicians who believed in the power of automated and scalable predictive modeling. We developed the award-winning Tangent Information Modeler (TIM) that automatically builds and scores machine learning (ML) models for advanced time series forecasting, anomaly detection and classification. By automating wherever possible, TIM removes the complexity of data science. But at the same time our unique mathematics result in much higher accuracy on typical use cases like sales forecasting, predictive maintenance, price forecasting or fraud detection.

With TIM, powerful predictive models are built within seconds, delivering real predictive value intuitively and at scale.

“Tangent Works’ Tangent Information Modeler is an automatic model- building engine for time-series forecasting and anomaly detection. It engineers features and applies a highly efficient algorithm in a single step. As compared to AutoML, where users need to do feature engineering, model selection and tuning, the TIM engine covers all these steps in a one-step process” (Cool Vendors in Analytics and Data Science, Gartner 2021)


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