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Tangent Works in QlikMap EMEA 2021

Tangent Works has been included in the new EMEA QlikMap from BARC, the German Business Application Research Center.

QlikMap EMEA 2021 reflects the condensed analyst’s view of the market: it gives you an overview of the most important providers of add-on solutions in the Qlik ecosystem as well as the Service Partners by region. All logos are linked to the vendors and service partners.


Qlikmap EMEA 2021 - Tangent Works


  • The Service Partners (right side, yellow) are organized by Region and highlight companies which are very visible and active around Qlik in the region.
  • The Add-on providers (left side, green) are vendors that offer added value for the Qlik ecosystem and are mainly global, supplemented by add-on vendors with focused presence in the EMEA region. Tangent Works has been included in the Front End & Analytics Extensions – Artificial Intelligence section (indicated by the arrow).
  • The Blog & Podcast section (orange) highlights some significant regional offerings.

The Maps are the most aggregated element of BARC’s ecosystem guides and usually updated once a year. The organization plans to include other regions in the future.

You can open the interactive PDF with links to all partners here.

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