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Tangent Works used by national transmission system operator

TANGENT WORKS together with IPESOFT has successfully delivered a state-of-the-art, automated machine learning forecasting solution for SEPS, the national transmission system operator for Slovakia.

SEPS, which integrates the country’s transmission network with Europe’s electricity transmission network, has implemented Tangent Works for day-ahead and intraday forecasting of active power losses. This allows together with continuously measured losses to prepare more accurate prediction of electricity required to cover transmission losses, which ultimately leads to reducing the cost of electricity for losses for SEPS.  TIM has been seamlessly integrated into the system landscape of SEPS as a module of the Energy Management Execution System.

Mr. Jaroslav Kubinec, executive director of SEPS: “In the current rapidly changing electricity environment with massive installation of intermittent sources and huge commercial and loop flows, enhanced forecasting is the key element to mitigate our operational costs for imbalances.”

Mr. Florián Kevický, CEO of IPESOFT, commented, “We have delivered critical systems and infrastructure to SEPS for over a decade. Tangent Works had an innovative enterprise class solution which was easy to integrate via API with existing systems.”

Milan Garbiar, COO of Tangent Works: “Having a first TSO customer is an important milestone for our company and we are excited to welcome SEPS as our first TSO client. Tangent Works is being used now across Utilities  by Grid Operators, Gas and Electricity distribution companies, power generation companies as well as traders.


TANGENT WORKS  is an award-winning European machine learning company delivering instant, advanced, and on-demand forecasting for energy companies. Tangent Works is based in Belgium and Slovakia.

IPESOFT is one of the leading providers of comprehensive IT solutions for energy and industrial companies. Solutions based on the IPESOFT D2000® realtime technology provide powerful tools for decision support to managers at all levels – quality, accurate and up-to-date information about the state of the production and energy process.

SEPS – Slovenska elektrizacna prenosova sustava, a.s. (www.sepsas.sk) is a publicly owned utility based in Bratislava, Slovakia that seeks to ensure the safe, reliable, high-quality and cost-effective operation of the Slovakian electrical transmission system.


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