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Primex selected Tangent Works as the preferred machine learning solution for power plant performance optimization across the United States.

Primex - client case Instant ML time-series forecasting

Staying competitive in today’s energy market presents multiple challenges. Incremental change isn’t enough, power generating companies must reinvent, redefine and adapt faster than ever before. Pennsylvania based Primex helps power plants across the United States to generate better performance in safety, reliability and efficiency.

After comparing various solutions and running a successful proof of concept (PoC) at a natural gas-fired combined cycle facility operating 2 combustion turbines and 1 steam turbine in 2021, Tangent Works was selected as the preferred machine learning solution for Primex’s Performance Assurance services.


“Tangent Works provides a winning combination of products, flexibility and support to help Primex clients generate better performance. We look forward to growing this successful partnership.”

– Stewart Nicholson, President of Primex


The initial offering covers day-ahead forecasting of fuel burn and plant capacity with continuous anomaly detection of individual turbine/generator power output. At the beginning of 2022, Primex’s Performance Assurance services utilizing Tangent Works machine learning capabilities have been deployed at 2 East Coast power plants. Later this year, 5 to 10 more power plants are expected to follow.


Download this client case in PDF format here.

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