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TIM On Platforms

Tangent Works is committed to make the TIM Solution available in world class platforms allowing business users, citizen data scientists and data scientists alike to benefit from advanced time series analysis, namely forecasting and anomaly detection. In line with this vision, TIM is available in various types of platforms. Find an overview below.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

TIM in Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI’s attractive, immersive dashboards and reports empowered with TIM’s State of the art forecasting and anomaly detection capabilities

TIM in Tableau

Unlocking TIM’s potential in time series analysis with Tableau’s revolutionary new approach to business intelligence

Data and Machine Learning Platforms

TIM in Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning’s enterprise-grade Machine Learning service to build and deploy models faster, now also for TIM’s powerful forecasting and anomaly detection models

Data Integration Platforms

IoT Platforms

TIM’s integration with Azure IoT Central

Ensured connection to IoT devices and transforming data into actionable insights using TIM’s forecasting and anomaly detection capabilities directly in IoT Central

TIM’s capabilities in Siemens’ MindSphere

Harnessing the wealth of your data with advanced analytics through the implementation of TIM’s forecasting and anomaly detection capabilities within MindSphere, the cloud-based IoT open operating system from Siemens

Cloud Platforms

TIM on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

TIM’s capabilities in forecasting and anomaly detection, reliably scalable through the use of AWS’ (Amazon Web Services’) on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs

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