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Tangent Works’ TIM in Microsoft Excel

Excel, the Microsoft spreadsheet application, is omnipresent across industries. Its ease of use and simple, straightforward interface have made it a permanent fixture in the toolbox of professionals and casual users alike. Even though many powerful data visualisation and data analysis tools have emerged since the birth of Excel, almost every person that comes into contact with data at least occasionally falls back on Excel.

TIM Forecasting is an add-in in Microsoft Excel introducing an intuitive interface to the TIM Engine into Excel. The possibility to communicate with the TIM Engine from within Excel allows users to enjoy the capabilities and familiarity of Excel, combined with the unique time series insights realised with TIM. This add-in can be added to Excel through Microsoft's AppSource.

The first version of the TIM Forecasting application for Excel supports TIM's unique technology called RTInstantML, allowing users to get direct forecasts based on the data in their Excel file.