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Tangent Works’ TIM on Neural Technologies' Optimus

Neural Technologies has a depth of experience built over many years in Digital Transformation & Business Assurance. Optimus is a Cloud Native Platform that leverages AI/ML technology to keep the Network and subscribers safe from Fraud while protecting Revenue and maintaining the highest level of Customer Engagement.

In today’s data processing scenario, data sets are large and complex, they are difficult to process using traditional data processing applications. Challenges include analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and information privacy.

The Optimus Platform as a generic Digital Integration platform is supporting all these different needs with regards to Data Integration Services. It allows a wide range of necessary interfacing mechanisms required, meets the large volume processing performance and the flexibility to manage, govern and explore on high data volumes.

The advantage of Optimus is that the modular architecture allows to start small and grow bigger step by step. There is no need to design and configure the overall solution as a big-bang implementation, instead one can easily adapt to the various requirements.

Data Integration Services can prepare, access, transform and structure your Event Data into and out of your Data storage system, to ensure faster consumption by relevant downstream business support systems.

This is where Neural Technologies sits in the delivery of Telecommunications/Fintech services.

Neural Technologies is indispensable in any digital transformation program, enabling "create, sell, deliver" technologies with "billing, cash collection and customer care.

Working in more than 50 Operators around the Globe, we support Telecom Operators with our Digital Transformation Platform for:

• Customer and Churn Analytics
• Automated Data Transformation and preparation for AI/ML and automation use cases
• Automated Data Orchestration and Mediation for any BSS/OSS and Big Data Systems
• Real-Time data streaming integration
• Omni Channel Enablement for improving the customer experience
• Intelligent Data caching through Optimus Data Portal,
• IoT Enablement for multi domain use cases
• Automated Dunning
• Charging/Rating as service

Neural Technologies is your no.1 partner of choice for end-to-end automation solutions.