Qlik Sense | Tangent Works - Advanced Forecasting

Tangent Works’ TIM in Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a modern data analytics platform that empowers users to create flexible, interactive data visualisations. It is possible to amplify the benefits that stem from the use of Qlik Sense through the TIM Server-Side Extension (SSE). This SSE gives Qlik Sense users the freedom to benefit from TIM’s capabilities without the need to leave the well-liked and familiar environment offered by Qlik Sense. The TIM SSE provides various functions which can be used directly in assets in Qlik Sense, therefore integrating seamlessly with Qlik Sense's native way of working.

The TIM SSE for Qlik Sense will support TIM's unique technology called RTInstantML, allowing users to get direct forecasts based on the data in their hypercube. This version will also help users gain deeper insights into their data, the models used by RTInstantML and the resulting forecasts, by providing functionality to look into the features used in the calculation of the forecast through transparent models.