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Time for Time Series - 31 March 2022

Advanced time-series ML options in Python with TIM v5

With v5 of the TIM Platform, all client integrations – including the Python client – are built on the same TIM repository. That means users can access all their work from all the interfaces they have access to. This session gives a sneak peak of the power of this shared repository, dives into some of the available methods (functionalities) in the new Python client and explains where you can find out more yourself. Lastly, we’ll point you to a guide on how to transition from earlier versions of the Python client to this new, more powerful one.


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Time for Time Series dives into specific features and looks at general functionalities in TIM. We welcome everyone, from managers to data scientists, to get to know TIM and to ask your questions to our experts during the live Q&A.

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