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Strategic Supplies


Henk De Meetsenaere - Tangent Works

Strategic Supplies

Consumption of medical supplies and the need for certain raw materials or other potentially scarce resources need to be forecasted by governments and medical institutions. Normal fluctuations in consumption patters can be complemented by sudden structural changes due to extreme events, climate change influences and epidemiological changes. This requires adaptive forecasting models that capture new dynamics fast and give insights into the underlying demand influencers.

TIM’s Value

TIM RTInstantML models allow end users and operational experts to automatically generate predictive models. The Augmented Machine Learning capabilities of TIM elucidate insights in the dynamics that underpin the forecasted values. TIM allows for fast recalibration or recalculation in minutes so models remain accurate and update as new data flows in.

The Data

Typical data sources constitute weather information, calendar information, demographics, major event planning and epidemiological indicators.


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