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  • There is a huge struggle to move AI and ML projects to production.
  • Most organizations still lack the necessary skills to leverage ML to bring business value.
  • Changing data and business environments often cause tremendous data drifts, and render masses of ML models obsolete.

TIM, or Tangent Information Modeller, delivers instant business value through automated, accurate and lightning fast predictive analytics.

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Per Gartner: "Organizations cite a shortage of skills (56%) and a lack of understanding of the benefits of AI (42%) as being among the top hurdles to executing data science projects."

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Which industries can benefit from Predictive Analysis?

Time series data is everywhere. This makes predictive analytics applicable in many industries. We provide an overview of the industries we believe can benefit from predictive analytics.
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Introducing TIM: Tangent Information Modeller

Predictive analytics for time series in use cases such as forecasting and anomaly detection. The Tangent Information Modeller builds high quality, explainable models on continuously evolving data in any circumstances.

High quality, explainable models

High quality automatic feature engineering while simultaneously adapting model structure and model parameters.
Human-readable & transparent models


Continuously evolving data

Structural changes & Data Drifts


Any Circumstance

Changing data availability
Sensor reading suddenly becoming unavailable
Faulty sensors


Easy Deployment

TIM offers flexible deployment options. Easy integration with some of your favorite platforms.


Intuitive Interface

TIM offers a wide array of interfaces. Users looking for a streamlined graphical interface can find this in TIM Studio.


Platform integration

Integrate or deploy your projects with some of your favorite ML and Cloud platforms.


The value of TIM for each business role

Different business roles have different needs and priorities. A qualitative tool needs to find the right balance to live up to all of these diverging requirements.


Provides you with timely, accurate forecasts that help avoid the costs associated with system imbalances, reduce system downtime and optimize maintenance cycles.

Business Analyst

Automates the model generation process so you can create and update predictive models without being an AI expert.

Data Scientist

Improves your productivity by eliminating repetitive modeling tasks and clarifying the rationale behind predictions with understandable AI.

IT Professionals

Compute-efficient, secure and flexible deployment in Azure or AWS Cloud, on-premise or on the edge. Easy to integrate in with your existing databases, BI tools and enterprise applications.

Clients using TIM

Clients using TIM

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