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Get Instant Predictive Value from your Time-Series Data

Drive business value from predictive analytics
Make informed decisions and improve processes
Create predictive models in seconds for faster and better forecasting & anomaly detection

Your challenges

You don’t get value out of your time-series data

Poor forecasting leads to high losses and missed opportunities

Predicting demand, supply and maintenance is complex

Introducing TIM InstantML

TIM InstantML is a hyper automated, augmented Machine Learning solution for Time Series Data for better, faster and more accurate forecasting, anomaly detection and classification. TIM helps you to discover the business value of your data and enables you to leverage the power of predictive analytics.

High quality, explainable models

High quality automatic feature engineering while simultaneously adapting model structure and model parameters.
Human-readable & transparent models


Continuously evolving data

Structural changes & Data Drifts


Any Circumstance

Changing data availability
Sensor reading suddenly becoming unavailable
Faulty sensors


Easy Deployment

TIM offers flexible deployment options. Easy integration with some of your favorite platforms.


Intuitive Interface

TIM offers a wide array of interfaces. Users looking for a streamlined graphical interface can find this in TIM Studio.


Platform integration

Integrate or deploy your projects with some of your favorite ML and Cloud platforms.


Benefit from the power of TIM InstantML

TIM Explorer Package

Discover the predictive value in your data faster and easier.

€ 3.200 / month

€ 34.500 / year

TIM Operations Package

Become truly data-driven with powerful, automated predictive analytics.

€ 4.800 / month

€ 51.800 / year

TIM OEM Partnership

Integrate Predictive Analytics in your application without hassle.

Pricing tailord to fit your customer pricing mechanism

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Which industries benefit from Predictive Analytics?

Time-series data is everywhere: each industry vertical, each domain, each company comes into contact with time series in one way or another. This makes predictive analytics applicable in many industries.

Discover our Use Cases

The value of TIM for each business role

Different business roles have different needs and priorities. A qualitative tool needs to find the right balance to live up to all of these diverging requirements.


Provides you with timely, accurate forecasts that help avoid the costs associated with system imbalances, reduce system downtime and optimize maintenance cycles.

Business Analyst

Automates the model generation process so you can create and update predictive models without being an AI expert.

Data Scientist

Improves your productivity by eliminating repetitive modeling tasks and clarifying the rationale behind predictions with understandable AI.

IT Professionals

Compute-efficient, secure and flexible deployment in Azure or AWS Cloud, on-premise or on the edge. Easy to integrate in with your existing databases, BI tools and enterprise applications.

“Thanks to the integration of Tangent Works’ InstantML technology, customers and partners can now better turn data into real and actionable insights and value. Even citizen data scientists can leverage data and achieve immediate insights, at scale. This ultimately reduces complexity and puts the power of IoT data in the hands of the user.”

Siemens Digital Industries – OEM Partner

“Tangent Works’ Tangent Information Modeler (TIM) engineers features and applies a highly efficient algorithm in a single step. As compared to AutoML, where users need to do feature engineering, model selection and tuning, the TIM engine covers all these steps in a one step process.”

Gartner - Technology Research and Consulting Company

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Gartner, the world’s leading business research and advisory company, has named Tangent Works to its prestigious “Cool Vendor” list for 2021, under the “Analytics and Data Science” category.

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