Is Accurate Forecasting or Anomaly Detection Essential to Your Business?

Meet TIM - Tangent Information Modeler. A Breakthrough
 Automatic Model Generation Technology. Transforms Time
 Series Data into Reliable Insights in Just Seconds.

InstantML - Feature engineering, Model building and Model deployment in one go.

Meet TIM

A breakthrough automatic model generation
technology transforms time series data into reliable
insights in just seconds.

Award-winning solution for:

Energy & Utilities

Demand & load forecasting

Price forecasting

Supply forecasting for renewable energy

Anomaly detection and predictive maintenance
for generation and grid operators


Process manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing

TIM makes predictive analytics accessible,
scalable and more productive for:


Provides you with timely, accurate forecasts that help avoid the costs associated with system imbalances, reduce system downtime and optimize maintenance cycles.


Business Analysts

Automates the model generation process so you can create and update predictive models without being an AI expert.


Data Scientists

Improves your productivity by eliminating repetitive modeling tasks and clarifying the rationale behind predictions with understandable AI.


IT Professionals

Compute-efficient, secure and flexible deployment in Azure Cloud or on-premise. Easy to integrate in with your existing databases, BI tools and enterprise applications.


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