Create Automated Predictive Models for Forecasting and Anomaly Detection | Webinar with Altair | Tangent Works - Advanced Forecasting

Create Automated Predictive Models for Forecasting and Anomaly Detection | Webinar with Altair

As a kickstart of our partnership, Altair organizes an introductory webinar to TIM Studio by Tangent Works, which is now available through the Altair Partner Alliance. The live webinar with Altair takes place on: August 24, 2022 10:00 – 10:45 AM EDT (16:00 – 16:45 CEST).


Webinar with Altair


Attend to learn about Tangent Works’ Instant Machine Learning InstantML technology through our TIM Studio, a best-in-class time series data analytics tool that helps users automate the process to create data models for forecasting and anomaly detection that help them make better-informed business decisions.

Tangent Works’ TIM InstantML technology empowers users to drive business value from time series predictive analytics, make better-informed business and data decisions, create faster and more accurate data models. In addition, its TIM Studio allows users to quickly and efficiently explore the predictive value of large amounts of time series data, automate and manage predictions, and build powerful predictions through automated, explainable artificial intelligence (AI). The solutions also let users rebuild and recalibrate models easily, giving them the ability to continuously adjust model parameters and identify new features.




Topics covered include:

  • TIM Studio software overview
  • Software capabilities and use case examples
  • Live demo
  • Live audience Q&A


Who should attend?

CIO/CDO, IT Manager, Production Manager/Planner, Produce Manager, Maintenance Manager, Reliability Manager, Supply Chain Manager/Planners, Logistic Managers/Planner, Business/Data Analyst, Data Scientist/Engineer, Innovation/IoT Manager.

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