Partnership: Zeblok & Tangent Works

Partnership: Zeblok & Tangent Works

Tangent Works and Zeblok Computational announce a partnership to provide containerized time series data machine learning, using Tangent Works InstantML, offered by Zeblok Computational as “Ai-Rover™ For Time Series Data.” Developers can now rapidly incorporate predictive insights via time series analytics as pragmatic AI into enterprise processes.


Zeblok & Tangent Works partnership announcement


Zeblok Computational deploys its turnkey cloud native AI PaaS to enterprise data centers, public clouds and Edge locations, establishing a portable Ai-MicroCloud™ for each customer. It is the most straightforward way to efficiently pipeline data, including the critical data comprehension step, and then quickly & affordably to develop, train and deploy pragmatic AI into mission-critical enterprise business processes.

Adding Tangent Works InstantML strengthens Zeblok Computational’s Intelligence Marketplace, a growing library of proven curated algorithms.

Hyper automated, augmented predictive modelling machine learning creates human readable explainable forecasts and anomaly detection models from historical time-series data. With InstantML in Ai-Rover™ For Time Series Data, time series machine learning becomes lighting fast, easy, automated, accurate and fully explainable.

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