Accelerating AI Development: The Critical Need for a Faster Time-to-Market

Sam Verdonck
February 6, 2024
January 22, 2024
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In the fast-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the demand for speed, real-time insights, and enhanced business agility has taken center stage. This article explores the evolution of machine learning (ML) from traditional models to the revolutionary paradigm of Tangent Works. By prioritizing the time to market and real-time capabilities, Tangent is reshaping the AI development landscape, offering businesses unprecedented advantages in real-time forecasting and overall business agility.

Accelerating AI Development

Traditional ML Challenges

Traditional ML approaches typically suffer from time-consuming processes, leaving businesses waiting for extended periods to deploy the few models that proved to be valuable in production. The manual crafting of models often takes weeks or months, posing a significant bottleneck for businesses striving to swiftly respond to market dynamics and thereby gain a competitive edge.

ML 2.0: The Rise of AutoML

While ML 2.0, represented by AutoML, automated certain processes, it still fell short of providing the real-time responsiveness demanded by today's fast-paced environment. Timely decision-making required a paradigm shift towards instantaneous insights. AutoML was not designed for dynamic time-series data and the promise of faster insights and iterations remains elusive, particularly for larger datasets. The need for an approach that prioritizes both speed and real-time capabilities became increasingly evident.

ML 3.0: A Game-Changing Paradigm in Predictive Analytics

That’s why we developed Tangent, our pioneering approach to time series AI development. Tangent doesn't just automate; it redefines the very essence of ML. By automatically engineering and selecting the most relevant features and applying an efficient algorithm in a single step with just one pass through the data, models and real-time insights are delivered within seconds and at scale.


The unparalleled speed, benchmarked at up to 100 times faster than common ML approaches, enables data scientists to experiment, iterate, and gain predictive insights without delay. By greatly reducing the time to market, data science can finally deliver on its promise to impact daily operations at scale.

Business Agility Fueled by Real-Time Insights

Speed and agility have become a cornerstone of ensuring that businesses can make decisions based on the latest information available. In a world where timely decisions are crucial for success, Tangent’s AI helps to provide real-time predictive insights for the many time series use cases out there in forecasting and anomaly detection.  

Revolutionizing AI Development with Real-Time Insights

Don’t let Your AI Development get Stuck in R&D

A swift time-to-market in AI, coupled with real-time adaptations and easy model governance, allows our customers to run their experiments as efficient as possible and quickly move beyond the trial-and-error phase. Our ambition is to empower organizations to quickly discover which AI models can add value to the daily operations and to respond promptly to market shifts, regulatory changes, and unforeseen challenges. The ability to experiment, fine-tune, and adapt models on the fly ensures that businesses can seize emerging opportunities and mitigate risks in real-time.

Your Data Science Projects don’t have to Take Ages

The ability to produce predictive time series models on the fly with virtually no wait time, represents a game-changing leap for organizations. Data science teams equipped with Tangent can super efficiently experiment, create new models, iterate, and gain real-time insights as conditions and data change. The engine's speed, performance, and accuracy position it as the fastest path from data to predictive value.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data science, the ability to generate customized and adaptive models quickly is becoming a key determinant of success. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of AI model development and operations, the confluence of speed, flexibility and real-time insights emerges as the key to success. Tangent Works stands at the forefront of this revolutionary transformation, offering businesses the tools to master the art of AI agility.  

Accelerating Business Agility: Tangent's Transformative Speed in AI Deployment

Tangent’s transformative speed not only accelerates the deployment of AI models but also empowers organizations with the agility to iterate rapidly. Through fast iterations, businesses can adapt swiftly, gaining a competitive advantage that is invaluable in today's fast-paced, ever-changing business environment.

The journey towards accelerated AI model building, improved time-to-market for real-time forecasting and overall business agility has just begun, and Tangent is paving the way for a new era in AI development and business value delivery.  

Article by Sam Verdonck, Chief Growth Officer at Tangent Works

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