Webinar on June 25th: Automating Predictive Analytics With High Quality Data and Dedicated AI

Sam Verdonck
June 3, 2024
June 4, 2024
min read

Automated predictive insights and actions may be the ''holy grail'' of the Industry 4.0 , but to accomplish this the connection between OT and IT strategies is crucial.

Join us for our upcoming webinar if you aim to get more value from your production and machine data. In this session we will explore how investments in OT data quality must align with AI and Machine Learning (ML) strategies and the other way around for effective real-time predictive analytics.

What will you learn:

  • Integration of OT and IT: Strategies to align data quality processes with AI strategies to empower data-driven operations  
  • Predictive Analytics Automation: The dependency of automated predictive analytics pipelines on the reliability of your real-time input data  
  • Leading examples: Best practices and case studies of leading enterprises

Together, Aperio and Tangent Works aim to automate predictive analytics effectively. This webinar will present a comprehensive view of the automated data value chain, from data acquisition at historian or sensor levels to the development and application of predictive models, ensuring quality and reliability throughout the process.

Who Should Attend: Industry professionals involved in operational technology, data engineering and data science, as well as anyone interested in enhancing their organization's data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Join us to learn how to effectively bridge the gap between OT and IT to maximize the potential of your data for predictive analytics!

About Aperio: We specialize in providing reliable, real-time operational data that drives profitability while mitigating operational risks. Aperio stands by the motto "TRUST YOUR DATA."

About Tangent Works: We offer innovative solutions to instantly turn your process data into actionable predictions, easily adding scalable AI to your time-series data pipelines.

Article by Sam Verdonck, Chief Growth Officer at Tangent Works

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