Traders and buyers using AI take better positions

Sam Verdonck
December 14, 2023
December 18, 2023
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In today's dynamic markets, staying ahead is essential for buyers and traders. As commodity markets become increasingly volatile, the abundance of data becomes both a challenge and an opportunity. Leading traders harness the power of AI-driven data analysis and forecasting to gain a competitive edge. Traditional methods often lag behind, struggling to deliver accurate and timely insights. Learn how Tangent takes forecasting to new heights with its unique approach, allowing users to effortlessly construct adaptive AI models that respond to market changes.

Traders and buyers using AI take better positions

Navigating market complexity with Tangent

Commodity markets, driven by factors like geopolitical events, weather patterns, and supply chain disruptions, demand sophisticated forecasting solutions. Human-based methods, while valuable, fall short in analyzing vast datasets in real-time and adapting to market shifts.

Enter Automated AI and Tangent Works' Tangent – a revolutionary solution poised to transform how commodity buyers and traders tackle the intricacies of market data. Unleashing the potential of advanced market insights, Tangent offers enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability through machine learning algorithms. Key Features of Tangent entail:

1. Automated Model Building

Tangent distinguishes itself by its ability to automatically build models without the need for extensive manual intervention. This lowers the dependency on expert data scientists and empowers traders and buyers with AI as their copilot.

2. Adaptability to Market Changes

One of Tangent's standout features is its adaptability. In the volatile world of commodity trading, where sudden shifts can significantly impact prices, having a system that can swiftly adjust and reconfigure models is invaluable. Tangent excels in adapting to changes, ensuring that predictions remain accurate and reliable.

3. Real-Time Analysis

Tangent enables real-time analysis of market data, providing traders and buyers with up-to-the-minute insights. This is crucial in making decisions that are not only based on historical data but also take into account the latest market trends and developments.

4. Predictive Insights

While the technology behind Tangent is cutting-edge, its complex models are made to be explainable providing unique predictive insights. This ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can harness the power of automated AI for commodity price forecasting.

Traders and buyers using AI take better positions

Benefits of Tangent in commodity trading

Navigating the fast-paced world of commodity trading requires precision, foresight, and efficiency. Tangent introduces a transformative approach to this challenging environment, offering a suite of benefits designed to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and provide dynamic predictive insights. Here's how Tangent is changing the game:

Enhanced Decision-Making

By automating the process of building and adjusting models, Tangent empowers traders and buyers to make decisions based on the most accurate and current information available, leading to significant cost savings.

Reduced Workload

Tangent's automation capabilities eliminate the need for manual model building and constant monitoring, reducing the workload on traders and analysts. This allows them to focus on strategic decision-making rather than routine data analysis.

Improved Predictive Insights

The adaptability of Tangent ensures that predictive insights remain relevant in the face of market fluctuations. This results in more accurate forecasts, enabling users to stay ahead of the curve and proactively respond to changing market conditions.


The use of automated AI to forecast prices based on the abundance of market data, holds immense potential for revolutionizing commodity trading. The ability to automatically build complex models, adapt to market changes in real-time, and provide accurate predictive insights positions Tangent as a game-changer in the industry.

Traders and buyers who leverage this technology stand to gain a competitive edge in navigating the volatile landscape of commodity markets, making Tangent a compelling solution for those seeking to take their commodity trading strategies to new heights.

Article by Sam Verdonck, Chief Growth Officer at Tangent Works

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