Unlocking the Power of Time-series Data: Tangent Works' AI Revolution

Henk De Metsenaere
January 31, 2024
January 7, 2024
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In the vast landscape of artificial intelligence, Tangent Works stands out as a trailblazer, specializing in the intricate realm of time-series data. Our company's unique approach lies in the automation and acceleration of processes that traditionally demanded significant expertise, time, and computing resources.

This innovation is encapsulated in our flagship solution, Tangent, revolutionizing the way organizations derive value from their ever-evolving business data.

Unlocking the Power of Time-series Data

Automating Excellence: Tangent

At the core of Tangent Works' mission is the desire to simplify and accelerate the utilization of artificial intelligence in time series data analytics. Traditionally, creating computer models for data analysis has been a task reserved for experts, demanding substantial knowledge, time, and computational power. Tangent Works, however, has redefined this process through Tangent, our automated AI engine powered by real-time feature engineering and selection.

Unlike traditional methods that might take hours or even days to generate results, Tangent only needs one pass through the data to thereby obtaining similar and comparable insights within seconds.

This efficiency is a game-changer, especially when transitioning from experimental phases to full-scale production, a critical step for companies to truly realize the benefits of their data endeavors.

Visionaries in AI for Time-Series Data

Tangent Works was founded on the vision that applying artificial intelligence to time-series data should not be a cumbersome and lenghty process. While many companies engage in experimental phases, Tangent Works recognized a gap: the struggle to translate these experiments into full production.

To bridge this divide, Tangent was conceived, aiming to reduce engineering time and accelerate the creation of computer models, ultimately leading to scalable AI pipelines driving truly data-driven decision-making.  

The Untapped Potential of Time-Series Data: Tangent's Niche

In today's data-centric landscape, companies are amassing colossal volumes of information, often stored in data warehouses and lakes. Despite these investments, a significant portion of this data remains untapped.

Tangent Works aims to unlock this latent potential, particularly in industries such as manufacturing, retail, logistics, energy, and utilities. Our expertise shines in handling sensor and IoT data, where valuable insights often go unnoticed.

Democratizing Predictive Value: Tangent in Action

Tangent acts as a powerful processor, swiftly transforming raw data into predictive results. By integrating in the major data platforms and leveraging the leading cloud services, we ensure rapid number crunching, optimal correlation identification, and the on-the-fly construction of predictive models.

These models can then be seamlessly integrated into various business departments for applications such as forecasting and anomaly detection.

Versatile Consumption: API and Notebooks

Tangent Works provides flexibility in consuming the Tangent time-series AI copilot. Users can connect with Tangent through an API, allowing a smooth integration of advanced machine learning capabilities into your AI pipelines and applications.

Alternatively, the  Python Client along with the many templates developed by our experts, serves as a collaborative tool for experts, data scientists, and business users alike, streamlining predictive projects.

Exploration begins here!

Are you eager to embark on a journey of predictive analytics? Whether you are a data enthusiast, business professional, or developer, let us be your gateway to learn more.

Get in touch with our predictive value experts and discover the endless possibilities that your business data holds!

Article by Henk De Metsenaere, CEO at Tangent Works

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