Predictive Analytics for Time Series with InstantML For Dummies

Predictive Analytics for Time Series with InstantML For Dummies

Tangent Works is proud to announce the launch of our For Dummies book on predictive analytics for time series.

Time-series data is everywhere. In industries from retail to finance and manufacturing to energy, companies try to use time-series data to deliver business value. But unfortunately, many machine learning projects never get past the experimentation stage as data scientists toil over handcrafted model building, testing, and tuning for days or weeks — far too long for businesses to leverage the information for real-time decisions.

In this book, you learn about the opportunities and challenges of predictive analytics in time-series data, and how Tangent Works can help.


[the book is currently no longer available, but you can learn about the value of predictive analytics on our blog]


Topics covered in the e-book

  • Learn the key principles of predictive analytics on time-series data from the business perspective,
  • Get a good understanding of predictive analytics on time-series data from the data science perspective,
  • Learn how to automate forecasting and anomaly detection,
  • Discover how the InstantML technology behind TIM democratizes machine learning,
  • Get to know the revolutionary Tangent Information Modeler, or TIM. TIM enables you to build predictive models… in seconds!


Who should read this book?

This book is written primarily for nontechnical readers who don’t necessarily know a lot about the underlying technologies such as ML and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • You work with lots of data and need to derive business value from that data.
  • You’re a business user who wants to learn how to implement predictive analytics, or you’re a data scientist (or citizen data scientist) who wants to understand the value of augmented predictive analytics.
  • You work in an IT department and need to learn more about how to extend your existing solutions with predictive analytics.

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