Tangent Works provides EGSSIS with forecasts that reflect business realities and enables its customers to plan future demands with confidence. | Tangent Works - Advanced Forecasting

Tangent Works provides EGSSIS with forecasts that reflect business realities and enables its customers to plan future demands with confidence.

EGSSIS, located in Belgium, is specialized in shipper services and software for gas and power operations. This company provides 24hr and out of office hours dispatching operations for companies active in the European energy markets. Their platform handles the major energy markets and trading hubs. Knowing market participants are looking for cost reduction, or new opportunities, adding accurate and scalable forecasting intelligence to this platform was a logical next step.


About TIM

TIM (Tangent Information Modeler) automates the entire model building process resulting in a “no human intervention” modelling. It allows the model building time to be reduced from days and weeks of costly engineering to seconds of computing time at a fraction of the cost.


TIM opens the door to large scale forecasting systems allowing the usage of predictive modelling in business scenarios not possible to date.


Egssis & TIM a perfect match.

By integrating TIM in the product portfolio, EGSSIS has more insights in future demands, resulting in better trading and balancing decisions.

“The combination of our Egssis product portfolio with TIM results in an agile system that allows for in depth forecasting on any level of the European shipping and trading process”, mentions Tom Dufraing, CEO at EGSSIS.

EGSISS can now generate accurate predictive models for time series analysis in minutes, fully automatic, as a transparent formula providing useful insights about the dynamics hidden in the data. The data science skills burden is eliminated and the solution turned out be very accurate.

TIM, is a pretty easy one!

“The process of integrating TIM in our platform was easy.” TIM presents itself as a web service, easy to use any time of the day. “You get the power and accuracy without incurring the upfront cost of acquiring hardware and software, or incurring the on-going cost of operating and maintaining the system.”

TIM guarantees continuity in the forecasting and trading approach as it has no bad days, only good ones. TIM is always available on holidays and weekends. No emotions that influence its reactions…  Pretty easy!” Dufraing continues. “This is what forecasting should be: a simple service, accurate and scalable, you can rely on without knowing it is there.”


Key benefits Egssis provides to its customers

The addition of TIM to the portfolio balancing tools delivers automatic hourly forecasts that reflect the realities of business, improving the ability to plan future events with confidence, and improve forecasting performance across all locations – at any level of aggregation.

Improves the production efficiency and refines margins.

Provides collaboration among stakeholders to enable better understanding before making critical decisions.

Power and gas companies remain competitive doing business based on this top-notch technology.

= EGSSIS, your one-stop shop, also for forecast process efficiency in Gas and Power

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