Tangent Works partners with Ahlers

Tangent Works partners with Ahlers to help customers make their supply chain more agile with automated predictions

We are thrilled to announce that Ahlers Data Analytics and Tangent Works will partner to deliver an optimized and fine-tuned supply chain, using powerful automated forecasts. This partnership leverages the +100 years of supply chain expertise from Ahlers and Instant Machine Learning, the hyper automated predictive model building engine from Tangent Works.




Ahlers digitalizes your supply chain. Together with their customers they gather all necessary information and transform this data into a digital supply chain replica. This allows Ahlers to give you predictive insights into your supply chain resulting in improved decision-making. A digital twin, as they call it, gives you insights into what is happening in your operations, helps identify trends and risks, and enables efficient scenario planning and simulations.

At Tangent Works, we empower users to get powerful predictions on any time-series data very rapidly and without a lot of effort or data science expertise, thanks to our Tangent Information Modeler (TIM). TIM has been shown to outperform other autoML algorithms making it very reliable and because the predictive model building happens so quickly and fully automatically, the machine learning models can easily adapt to changing situations, which helps to make your supply chain more resilient and agile.


By leveraging Tangent Works’ InstantML technology we can lift your supply chain to a completely new level,” says Miguel Van Asch, Head of Innovation & Analytics Services at Ahlers. “TIM can be used for all time-series forecasting use cases allowing you to get more accurate projections of sales, capacity, resources, and costs and empowering you to easily evaluate the impact of any decision (e.g. promotion) or market change (e.g. price). That, in turn, enables us at Ahlers to model your supply chain for the coming weeks and months, making sure you can make the right decisions for the future.”



About Ahlers

Founded in the port of Antwerp in 1909, Ahlers has been helping clients with one common goal; finding the best solutions that fit our customers’ profile perfectly. We enable our customers to stay focused on their core business by creating and managing innovative solutions which add value and solve their supply chain challenges in complex environments.

Ahlers provides state-of-the-art logistics support in sustainable supply chain management, projects and machinery, secured transportation of theft-sensitive goods, trade facilitation/after-sales services, and data analytics services. For more information visit: https://www.ahlers.com/en


About Tangent Works

Tangent Works was founded in 2014 by a team of data scientists and mathematicians who believe in the power of predictive modeling for optimizing operations and reducing costs but found that the existing methods were far too complex and slow for broad adoption.

Our mission is to democratize and de-mystify predictive modeling for forecasting and anomaly detection using our revolutionary, hyper automated InstantML technology and make them accessible and productive for a broad range of business users and use cases. For more information visit: https://www.tangent.works

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