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Tangent Works’ TIM on Alteryx

Tangent Works is an Alteryx Tech Alliance Partner. This partnership allows Alteryx and Tangent Works to bring a unique combination of technology that enable those who work with time series data to easily benefit from machine learning for predictive and prescriptive scenarios.

The Tangent Works’ TIM solution is an easy to use, fast, and accurate solution for time series model generation, prediction/forecasting, and anomaly detection in an explainable way. Alteryx Designer fully integrates with Tangent Works’ TIM. Business users, citizen data scientists and data scientists benefit from the world-famous Alteryx functionalities that allow them to create magic with data. Machine learning for time series data presents many obstacles, but also contains enormous potential to gain deeper insights and deliver faster decisions. TIM focuses on equipping users to create business value through machine learning, rather than having their talent stuck on the technical aspects of complicated machine learning solutions.

Tangent Works strives to make machine learning easy to apply and available to users without the complexity of traditional AutoML model selection, time-consuming data science, and tedious manual feature engineering. Essential to citizen data science is augmented machine learning/analytics; TIM offers this with its automatic feature engineering, model generation, and deployment whilst offering understandable models.

See the integration of TIM in Alteryx in action in the video below, which shows the TIM Forecasting tool being used by one of our partners for weather based sales forecasting:

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“We welcome Tangent Works to the Alteryx technology partner ecosystem as a partner extending the capabilities of our platform, further for predictive and prescriptive scenarios on time series data for our customers.”

Håkan Söderbom, Director of Technology Alliances at Alteryx

“Tangent Works is excited to offer its time series forecasting and anomaly detection machine learning solution on Alteryx. The Alteryx vision is to create solutions that allow users to experience the “thrill of solving”. That’s why we are so excited to make TIM available within the Alteryx Community”

Dirk Michiels, CEO at Tangent Works