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AI app development with TIM, Siemens leads the way

AI app development with TIM, Siemens leads the way


The development of cloud applications is booming. According to a recent report by Research Dive, the global cloud applications market is forecasted to reach $437.9 billion by the end of 2026 at a CAGR of 18.0%, increasing from just $118.7 billion in 2018.


Many companies are looking to expand their offering with predictive insights and the most business relevant data for such solutions are time series, measurements of data evolving over time. A good example is IoT data which is often gathered in real-time and in huge quantities. There is a great opportunity to leverage these vast amounts of time-series data for truly data-driven operations and decision making.


Time series are however different from other data and difficult to manage and analyze. They require a dedicated predictive analytics approach, where automation and scalability are the core of the process. This is exactly what Tangent Works provides. We have developed a unique new way to build and score machine learning (ML) models for advanced time series forecasting and anomaly detection.


The hyperautomated and lean TIM InstantML toolbox enables you to build hundreds of explainable predictive models in seconds to minutes providing you with the automation, reliability and insights needed to build powerful AI apps.


Our OEM partner Siemens leads the way and recently launched the first of their ‘AI for Everyone’ apps enabling citizen data scientists to easily leverage time-series data from IoT-connected assets and create powerful forecasts.


Partnership Siemens Tangent Works Artificial Intelligence

Siemens launches its first predictive application powered by TIM (read more).



Download the Siemens Q&A “AI with IoT made simple: MindSphere AI for Everyone” to find answers to common questions and learn how artificial intelligence in IoT can help you interpret data and make informed decisions.



“Thanks to the integration of Tangent Works’ InstantML technology, Siemens customers and partners can now better turn data into real and actionable insights and value.

With the ability to use AI/ML to generate hyper-automated predictive analytics, even citizen data scientists can leverage data and achieve immediate insights, at scale.

This ultimately reduces complexity and puts the power of IoT data in the hands of the user.”

– Raymond Kok, Senior Vice President of Cloud Application Solutions @ Siemens



AI app development with TIM, Siemens leads the way

Siemens selects Tangent Works to democratize IoT data analytics for MindSphere. (read more)



Other OEM partners including Smarter Grid Solutions, Wizata, Volue Group and IFS highly appreciate how our containerized, Kubernetes Rest API can very quickly be deployed on Azure, AWS, OpenShift, premise or edge and easily be integrated with any platform that can do an API call.



“The process of integrating TIM in our energy trading platform was easy. TIM presents itself as a cloud SaaS, easy to use any time of the day.

You get speed, power and accuracy without incurring the upfront cost of acquiring hardware and software, or incurring the on-going cost of operating and maintaining the system.

The combination of our Egssis product portfolio with TIM results in an agile system that allows for in depth forecasting.”

– Jan Corluy, CTO @ Egssis



Our go-to-market is evermore organized around OEM partnerships, often focusing on applications in energy, trading, supply chain and manufacturing where there are huge amounts of time-series data that can be leveraged for predictive decision making if you have the right tools to do it in automated and reliable way.


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Sam Verdonck is Global Partnerships Director for Tangent Works. He has a 8+ year track record in international business development, project and partner management in the fields of industrial maintenance, reliability and process optimization focusing on innovative solutions in condition monitoring, IoT and predictive analytics. Sam strongly believes in partnerships as the fuel for mutual growth. Reach out to Sam at to talk about your AI development plans.


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