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TIM for IT Professionals

In this mini-series, we explain how TIM helps to solve challenges for multiple business roles. This article illustrates how TIM solves the challenges IT professionals are facing.


TIM for IT Professionals Time-series forecasting


The Challenge: hosting compute-intensive AI tools and integrating them with your existing databases and applications


Some AI tools are very compute-intensive and require a major investment in on-premise hardware or cloud instances. You’ve likely got plenty of existing databases, data historians, BI tools and enterprise applications that would likely need to interface with a new predictive analytics tool. Firewall restrictions may make cloud-based solutions impractical.


TIM delivers maximum compute efficiency, rapid integration and flexible deployment options


TIM was architected for a high degree of compute efficiency based on SIMD Instructions (Single Instruction Multiple Data). Most applications require only a single server with limited amount of memory. For applications with hundreds of input variables and huge files of time-series data, TIM scales automatically and near-linearly to handle big data with fast response times.


It’s also built for rapid integration with your existing databases, BI tools and other enterprise applications since all of its functions are easily accessible through its REST API. You’ll have the utmost deployment flexibility with support for cloud-cloud, on-premise and hybrid configurations. Most integration projects take just a few days to complete.


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Business Analyst

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IT Professionals

Compute-efficient, secure and flexible deployment in Azure or AWS Cloud, on-premise or on the edge. Easy to integrate in with your existing databases, BI tools and enterprise applications. 


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