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Using InstantML in your IT landscape

Tangent Works is committed to make the TIM™ solution available in world class platforms allowing business users, citizen data scientists and data scientists alike to benefit from advanced time series analysis, namely forecasting and anomaly detection. In line with this vision, TIM™ is available in various types of platforms.

InstantML offers a new paradigm in data science. We want to take this one step further by making InstantML available and easy to use in any environment.


Advanced ML integrated in your environment


Data Integration –  Data Integrations tools, data warehouse, data lakes are vital to any serious data initiatives. TIM™ InstantML easily integrates with various environments. InstantML complements this part of your architecture and does not replace it.


Analytics and Business Intelligence – Many companies have already embarked on the analytics journey with business Intelligence platforms and data warehouses. InstantML now offer predictive analytics in these tools.


IoT – Internet of Things platforms over a wealth of data and benefit from predictive and prescriptive analytics


Cloud – InstantML is a Kubernetes solution that can be deployed on your own cloud, on premise but can also be easily used as SAAS Solution. Various integration on Azure and AWS area available. InstantML is also available on the market place.


Data Science and Machine Learning – InstantML fits in well because of it Hyper-automates, augmented time series data character. This complements the ML that is already available in these platforms.



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